A quick note before you read any further, as it’s important: PROGRESS TOWERS IS CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS UNTIL OCTOBER 28th.  That means that if you order any merchandise or DVDs until then that we will receive your order but IT WILL NOT BE POSTED until the office re-opens.  We’ll still be around to answer emails, tweets and so on – but do bear with us, things won’t be checked as often as usual. Thanks!

Of course, you can still order downloads as the link is automatically despatched to your email address.  And on that note, look what’s ready for you:


You can download CHAPTER FIFTEEN: JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE PARANOID, DOESN’T MEAN THEY AREN’T OUT TO GET YOU right now for just £10!  You can still order the limited edition 2-disc DVD (which will be despatched around October 30th), but if you can’t wait you can get the show directly onto your computer or tablet right now!

Click this link to go straight to the download page for the show, or you can click here and browse all of our downloads, DVDs and merchandise!


Another reminder that CHAPTER SIXTEEN: VERY VERY VERY BREAKY BREAKY BREAKY BISHI BISHIII on Sunday November 30th at the Electric Ballroom has long since SOLD OUT, but we are maintaining a waiting list for any returns or potential ticket upgrades.  Click here to sign up to that, and please note that it is different to our regular mailing list.

Matches already announced include PROGRESS CHAMPION JIMMY HAVOC defending against RAMPAGE BROWN and DAVE MASTIFF; PROGRESS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS F.S.U defending against TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING, CAREER vs CAREER as RJ SINGH and STIXX try to settle their differences, and our final NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES II SEMI FINAL with ALI ARMSTRONG (if he gets through ENDVR 7) facing ZACK GIBSON.  Plus lots more to be announced!

Tickets for the as-yet untitled CHAPTER SEVENTEEN on Sunday January 25th at the Electric Ballroom will go on sale on Monday November 3rd at 10pm to MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  So you really need to make sure that you’re on that, because shows are selling out quicker every time.  Click here to get signed up.  Oh, and tickets for ENDVR: 8 will also go on sale that night!


Speaking of ENDVR, our seventh ENDVR show is on Sunday November 2nd at the Bedford in Balham.  Tickets are selling fast, so click here if you want to get one!

We’ve already announced ALI ARMSTRONG vs THE OMEGA in a Lumberperson match (with Ali’s Natural Progression semi final spot at stake) and PASTOR WILLIAM EAVER vs WILD BOAR MIKE HITCHMAN.  We’ll be announcing a few more matches over the next week or so, so make sure that you follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

We think that’s it for now!  Thanks – as always – for being the best wrestling fans in the world.

Jim, Jon and Glen


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