Next show is CHAPTER SIXTEEN on NOVEMBER 30th at the ELECTRIC BALLROOM in CAMDEN – TICKET INFO HERE – our roster can be seen below.


JIMMY HAVOC – Dartford, Kent – 5ft 10ins – 170lbs – PROGRESS WRESTLING CHAMPION

From the most popular man on the roster for being a plucky and loveable chap, to being the most hated man in British wrestling for turning his back on the PROGRESS fans and management, Havoc has used sneak attacks, threats of extreme violence and legalese to become the PROGRESS CHAMPION in the cheapest possible way, interrupting MARK ANDREWS celebrations at CHAPTER TEN, cashing in his guaranteed match contract after dousing Andrews in lighter fluid and threatening to set him on fire. PROGRESS management have to acknowledge their champion, but they do not endorse him in any way.


RAMPAGE BROWN – Leeds – 6 ft – 233lbs

Having spent time in the WWE developmental system, Rampage has clearly got what it takes to wrestle for the big leagues. A twelve year veteran of the British and European scene, he made his debut at CHAPTER FIVE after being hand-picked as an opponent for Nathan Cruz by El Ligero. At CHAPTER SEVEN he turned on his teammates in the main event, eventually pinning Dave Mastiff to become number one contender to the PROGRESS title. He then captured the title staff at CHAPTER EIGHT after an amazing match with El Ligero.  He was surprised by a rollup from Natural Progression Series Winner Mark Andrews to lose the title at CHAPTER TEN after already defending it in a great match against Stixx.

elligero3 copy

EL LIGERO – Los Sanchos, Mexico – 5 ft 10 in – 167lb

“The Mexican Sensation” has happily made the UK his home in recent years and now has a stellar record both on these shores and all over Europe.  The masked (and horned) luchadore has taken on the likes of Ultimo Dragon, El Generico, Doug Williams and Delirious in his stellar career so far, not to mention a lengthy and brutal feud with RJ Singh.  Ligero reached the final match at CHAPTER ONE and showed a rare angry streak after being eliminated. Subsequent chapters led to El Ligero showing a new mean streak – until at CHAPTER FOUR he defeated Nathan Cruz to become PROGRESS Champion – a title he held until CHAPTER EIGHT.



“THE STAR ATTRACTION” MARK HASKINS – Oxford – 5ft 10in – 180lbs

Known to many for his appearances with TNA, Haskins has aligned himself in recent months with former PROGRESS champion Nathan Cruz as part of “Team Screw Indy”, a collection of wrestlers (Rampage Brown joined them at CHAPTER SEVEN) that profess to their skills as professionals, not independent wrestlers, with their eyes on loftier goals.

DAVE MASTIFF – The Black Country, West Midlands – 5 ft 9 in – 315lbs

Uh-oh. When Marty Scurll had to pull out of CHAPTER THREE he told us that he’d found the right kind of replacement for our String-Style philosophy.  He wasn’t kidding. Mastiff is a ten year veteran with a reputation of being one of the most brutal, hard hitting grapplers on the planet.  With a career that means he can drop straight into our main event situation, “The Human Hate Machine” is three hundred plus pounds of trouble.


DOUG WILLIAMS – Reading, Berkshire – 5 ft 10 ins – 225lbs

Now a 20 year veteran of the Wrestling world, Doug Williams has been thrilling audiences all over the world during those two decades, and we’re now lucky to have him as part of the PROGRESS roster.  We got to see the Bomb Scare Kneedrop and the Chaos Theory up close and personal at CHAPTER EIGHT as he won his debut encounter.

Adam_Cole_2012“THE PANAMA CITY PLAYBOY” ADAM COLE – Panama City, Florida – 5ft 11 ins – 205lbs

At CHAPTER TEN Mark Haskins interrupted the beginning of the show and issued an open challenge. PROGRESS management made some calls and found someone who knew all about what we do and wanted to come and perform in front of our amazing fans.  That person we called happened to be PWG and ROH World Champion Adam Cole, and the best independent wrestler in the world beat Haskins with a sweet brainbuster onto his knee.

gradoGRADO – Ayrshire, Scotland – 5 ft 8 ins – 211lbs

Winner of the Greatest Entrance in Wrestling History, Grado is a cult star across his homeland and the Internet, and now has a home in PROGRESS after making his debut at CHAPTER NINE, replacing the injured Danny Garnell. ITS YERSEL!


T-BONE – Worcester, Worcestershire – 6 ft 2 ins – 235lbs

The big man from Worcester made an intimidating debut for PROGRESS at CHAPTER NINE in a six man tag match, partnering Project Ego as “Team Boner”.


“THE ANTIHERO” TOMMY END – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 5 ft 11 ins – 211lbs

Stepping in as a last minute replacement at CHAPTER NINE, Tommy End had the unenviable task of facing up to Dave Mastiff in his debut match, and thanks to some stiff kicks, hard hitting offense and a double stomp from the top rope, picked up a victory in his first PROGRESS appearance. This was followed by a win over Mikey Whiplash at CHAPTER TEN.


JON RYAN – Medway. Kent – 5ft 10in – 218lbs

The self-styled “Bad Boy of British Wrestling” had a brutal match with his protege Jimmy Havoc at CHAPTER THREE – a match that ended up being his last.  We’re proud that he chose PROGRESS as the place to bring his glittering career to a close.


MICHAEL GILBERT – Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire – 6ft 2ins – 216lbs

We have seen Michael’s work all over Europe and were rightly impressed; Now we’re happy to have him as a part of our company.  His debut was at CHAPTER TEN against Tommy End and he may have come up short, but he certainly impressed in his first outing.  Since then he has decided to shed his “Mikey Whiplash” gimmick and become Mr “No Gimmick Required”, going by his real name.

ZACK SABRE JR – Canterbury, Kent – 5 ft 10 in – 180lb

ARMBAR! Zack Sabre Jr is a part of the PROGRESS roster when he is home from his travels in Japan, and at CHAPTER ONE he put on one of the best matches ever seen on these shores with his friend and tag team partner Marty Scurll. His match against best mate Jimmy Havoc at CHAPTER SEVEN was brutal and brilliant, and his victory over Ricochet and Mark Haskins at CHAPTER NINE even better.

Zack Sabre Jr on Twitter

MARTY SCURLL – Cambridge – 5 ft 9 in – 180lb

The other half of the Leaders of the New School, Scurll has achieved some mainstream fame recently with an appearance on ITV1’s “Take Me Out” – but that’s not why we were so keen to have him as part of PROGRESS.  We wanted him because we’re aware of his reputation as one of the best young wrestlers in Europe, and when our random draw for the first round of title matches threw up a bout against Zack Sabre Jr we knew we were in for a treat.  Scurll then was incredibly unlucky to not capture the title at CHAPTER TWO.

Marty Scurll on Twitter


RICOCHET – Paducah, Kentucky, USA – 5 ft 10 in – 163lb

We were incredibly lucky to have Ricochet grace our first anniversary show (Chapter Six: We (Heart) Violence) where he took on El Ligero for the PROGRESS championship in what may be the match of 2013. Ricochet has lit up the ring across the globe, with his amazing double rotation moonsault gaining him wins in PWG, Dragon Gate, Chikara and many more. He returned at CHAPTER NINE in one hell of a three-way match with Zack Sabre Jr and Mark Haskins.

rjsingh7 copy

RJ SINGH – Bollywood, India – 5 ft 10 in – 170lb

Formerly hated with his “entourage”, Singh has recently changed his ways and become a fan favourite.  He has enjoyed a great career in the UK so far. Sadly he could not make CHAPTER ONE – being replaced by “Loco” Mike Mason in a match against Colt Cabana – but he returned at CHAPTER TWO after issuing challenges via YouTube.

NOAM DAR – Glasgow, Scotland – 5 ft 9 in – 169lb

Narrowly losing to El Ligero at CHAPTER ONE, Noam impressed the crowd with his technical expertise, whilst winding them up with his offensive attitude. Despite his less than nice attitude in the ring, he’s one to watch over the coming years with his star on the rise. The fans are almost begging to be able to cheer him now, and whilst his attitude remains the same he is on one hell of a winning streak.


“DAZZLING” DARRELL ALLEN – Catford, London – 5 ft 7 in – 167lb

Allen put in a great performance at CHAPTER ONE, taking on Zack Gibson and Xander Cooper. He has already fought back from injury (he dislocated his shoulder during that match) and thanks to the amazing crowd reaction he got during that bout we’re going to keep bringing him back.  Now a firm favourite, Allen will be a big star in the future.

DANNY GARNELL – Dartford, Kent – 6 ft – 230lb

A fantastic technical powerhouse, Danny is responsible for passing on a wealth of his knowledge to his friend Jimmy Havoc – the man who he defeated at CHAPTER TWO.  Danny is exactly what we’re looking for in PROGRESS and we know he’ll be a hit with our fans.

STIXX – Nottingham – 6ft 4in – 18 stone

Known as “The Heavyweight House of Pain”, Stixx is a dangerous man that everyone in PROGRESS needs to fear. A brutal powerhouse, he’s made his name around Europe with his blend of strong-style violence.

COLT “BOOM BOOM” CABANA – Chicago, Illinois – 6ft 1in – 233lb

The marquee name on our first show, Colt impressed us all with both his technical skills and his sense of humour, but was shocked in the first round of the title tournament by Mike Mason. A huge fan of British wrestling, you can bet that the star of $5 Wrestling and the Art of Wrestling podcast will be back with us again at some point in the future.

MARK ANDREWS – Cardiff, South Wales – 5ft 8in – 145lb – PROGRESS TAG TEAM CHAMPION

“White Lightning” won is one the fastest, most death-defying young wrestlers that we’ve ever seen.  His matches in PROGRESS so far have already been classics, and there’s a lot more to come. His two contests at CHAPTER FOUR and CHAPTER SEVEN against fellow high-flying youngster WILL OSPREAY were classics. He won the 2013 Natural Progression Series and immediately cashed in, becoming PROGRESS CHAMPION – a reign that lasted mere minutes before the nefarious actions of one Jimmy Havoc. Now one half of the tag champions with EDDIE DENNIS, and the first TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION in PROGRESS history.

“WILD BOAR” MIKE HITCHMAN – Blaina, South Wales – 5ft 6in – 180lb

He may look small, but trust us, we’ve seen him fire off THAT package piledriver… He took on Mark Andrews at CHAPTER TWO in an incredible match.

PAUL ROBINSON – Southend, Essex – 5ft 6in – 141lbs

Paul stepped in to replace the injured MK McKinnan at CHAPTER THREE, and put in a great showing up against Noam Dar.  We were so impressed that we quickly invited him back for CHAPTER FOUR, and he was the runner up in the 2013 Natural Progression Series.

WILL OSPREAY – Rainham, Essex – 5ft 10in – 167lbs

Will made his debut at CHAPTER TWO as one half of the Velocity Vipers. With partner Alex Esmail now on the shelf for a year with a leg injury, Will stepped out on his own with two amazing matches against Mark Andrews and CHAPTER FOUR and CHAPTER SEVEN, but losing for a second time meant an end to his PROGRESS career. Andrews got to choose someone from the Natural Progression Series to reinstate after winning the 2013 tournament, so Ospreay is now part of the roster again.



This young man has been making enough waves across the British Wrestling scene to be invited to be part of our NATURAL PROGRESSION tournament. How will he fare?  He reached the semi finals before losing out to Mark Andrews.



Debuting at CHAPTER SIX as part of Team Defend Indy Wrestling with Mark Andrews, the massive Welshman both has the talent and the size to make it in the big leagues. He qualified for the Natural Progression Series semi finals before losing out to Paul Robinson.  Paired with his best mate Mark Andrews as FSU, he became one half of the tag team champions at CHAPTER TWELVE.

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